Case Studies

clinic restoration cleaning commercial

In preparation for an inspection by the Center for Medicare and MedicaidServices (CMS), a Texas hospital contacted Cotton to deep clean their main kitchen of approximately 25,000 sqft. While Cotton worked to complete the job, the hospital requested an additional 1,000,000 sqft be cleaned, including patient rooms, common areas, and bathrooms. To ensure the hospital remained 100% operational throughout the entire process, Cotton worked overnight, performed dishwashing services offsite, and provided a supplemental cleaning crew as needed.

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In the wake of a major winter storm event hitting the gulf coast, a residential multifamily complex suffered from extensive frozen and ruptured water pipes resulting in major damage to the entire facility. Cotton received the call during the midst of the storm but successfully mobilized crews within 24-hours while most of Central Texas was still sidelined by ice and outages.

Immediately the Cotton GDS team began to extract all remaining water and drying affected materials. Due to the large scope of damage, we also coordinated massive demolition and waste removal across all four floors and within multiple common areas and offices. Given the residential component, Cotton also facilitated content manipulation for affected residents. Ultimately, we were able to complete the mitigation process under deadline and without removal of any tenants. As a result, the Cotton team was asked to coordinate full-scale restoration and construction to begin returning the entire complex to pre-loss condition.


Following a disastrous winter storm event in the Southern U.S., an office complex housing a major property management group had multiple extensive pipe freeze ruptures causing severe hazards across the facility. Once Cotton received the call, we urgently mobilized our crews to begin turning back the clock on the damage that had already been done.

Immediately our crews began to remediate water damaged areas in a food court, service hall, mail room, conference room and engineer’s office. Once moisture levels had returned to the dry standard and the destroyed materials had been removed, our construction and restoration specialists moved in to begin getting areas back to pre-loss condition. Ultimately, Cotton Global Disaster Solutions was able to turnkey this facility from restoration to rebuild, under our initial 6 week estimate, allowing operation to resume with minimal interruption.

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After a major winter storm event along the gulf coast, a senior living facility with three separate properties experienced severe water damage. Given the sensitive nature of the residence, the Cotton GDS management team mobilized crews the moment they received the call and were able to reach the site in less than 24 hours. Immediately we began a full-service water restoration and remediation protocol to get residents back safely in their homes as quickly as possible.

Once our crew had surveyed the site, we began extracting all remaining standing water and moisture mapping the affected areas. When finished, we detail -cleaned all affected rooms to ensure a completely clean atmosphere and living environment. As a result, Cotton was able to successfully provide a complete restoration after only 6 weeks with zero delays.

Medical Facility - Commercial Interior Renovation

A leading hospital in Southeast Texas took on a major renovation project for their cancer center. Their aim was to take a business occupancy building owned and operated by the hospital and repurpose it to function as a CT Imaging Room. The hospital contacted Cotton Global Disaster Solutions and tasked the team with a complete demolition and renovation of the building and room before the client’s fiscal year-end. Working alongside local officials and the Texas Department of State Health Services, Cotton GDS completed all tasks on-schedule and under budget.

Healthcare Hurricane Damage Restoration

Following a major hurricane in Florida, the rooms of a local hospital suffered extensive wind and water damages to the walls, ceilings, and floors. Cotton Global Disaster Solutions was contracted to provide mitigation, restoration, and construction services in the facility with little to no business interruption. Prior to starting the project, Cotton GDS provided a detailed SOW and worked with the client’s insurance adjuster to develop a strict project timeline. The project was not only completed ahead of schedule, but it was also completed under budget.

Due to the fluidity of hospital patient care and the varying Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) protocols for each room, Cotton GDS worked with Subject Matter Experts to ensure the work was completed safely and in a timely manner. These professionals consisted of a third-party Industrial Hygienist, the hospital’s Emergency Management Coordinator, the Head Nurse of Infectious Disease Control, inspectors, and an architectural firm specializing in Florida ACHA Standards. Cotton GDS’s ability to collaborate with each...


After a tornado devastated the area, a large distribution center in Florida was left with extensive damage to the roof and framing system, leaving the facility and all its products exposed to natural elements. Cotton arrived on site soon after the event and found that the entire western portion of the building (500,000 sqft.) was covered in three inches of water. Cotton crews were tasked with emergency mitigation services including restoration and construction, all while keeping the facility 100% operational throughout the entire process.

The first thing Cotton did was make the worksite safe for everyone, including the client’s personnel and Cotton’s emergency restoration and construction crews. From a restoration perspective, this included extracting the water and preventing further water damage. Construction crews then installed shoring to support the building before they began removing and replacing the damaged framing and roofing systems. Within the six months, the area experienced up to 21 weather events that resulted in water intrusion but, thanks to Cotton’s ability...


Historic flooding ravaged a local community, inundating most of the city’s businesses with severe water damage. A major industrial manufacturing plant in the area experienced over four feet of water intake across 21 buildings on its 150-acre facility. Following the recision of floodwaters, Cotton’s Emergency Response Team dispatched restoration, logistical, and emergency catering support services within 24-hours.

Once on-site, Cotton performed initial incident assessments, established strategic remediation plans based on the client’s designated priorities, set up equipment, and began the recovery process to restore facility operations. Logistical support facilities, including emergency power, temporary climate-controlled structures, potable water services, fuel, sewer, and necessary electrical hookups were provided. In addition, Cotton provided food services to those on-site.

Environmental Response Plant Explosion

An unfortunate fire, followed by an extreme explosion, occurred in a digester at an industrial facility. As a result, over 200 homes and properties became covered in a tar-like substance, which contained wood fibers, water, pulping materials, unknown substances, and chemicals. Cotton was tasked with the organization of affiliated parties in the cleaning and decontamination process, as well as providing proper documentation, proving all affected structures and locations were made safe, from both an environmental and sanitation stance.

Cotton provided preliminary guidance and direction of personnel to generate the necessary scope. Staff received instructions from Cotton on how to collect and test product remnants and provide air and water samples from the affected and nonaffected areas. The accumulation of these quantitative measurements helped determine when the affected areas were clean and safe again, allowing for the final clearance. Together, Cotton and the facility’s personnel visited every home to distribute detailed information about the event and recovery...


When a loading dock outside a warehouse caught fire, the client experienced extensive fire and water damage covering approximately 200,000 square feet of floor space. Cotton was immediately called in to perform full-service fire and water restoration services that would meet FDA approval for sanitary conditions.

Once on-site, Cotton performed initial incident assessments and established strategic remediation plans in order to reduce the client’s business interruption and return the facility to operational status quickly and efficiently. The FDA remained on-site during the remediation process to inspect and approve zone completions. Cotton was able to complete remediation and restoration efforts within 60-days by having personnel working 24/7 to expedite recovery solutions.

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Following the unprecedented flooding of a large, national river, a Casino was impacted by over 24 inches of muddy water that inundated the entire first floor. Cotton was able to alert the venue of the impending flood and they were able to move and de-inventory their location prior to the waters rise, preventing further damage and limiting business interruption. Cotton utilized its state-of-the-art Watch Center to inform the client of real-time weather updates, site conditions, flood stage information, and high-impact event areas. Cotton tracked the storm and determined an operational window that allowed the Emergency Response Team to get close to the facility without being caught in the path of flooding.

Once floodwaters receded, Cotton immediately began removing all damaged material and cleaning the affected areas. Carpet, tile flooring, and drywall were all removed while the facility was prepped for the reconstruction process. Cotton implemented strategic remediation, necessary equipment, and experienced personnel to get the casino operational in less than 30-days.