Get your commercial facilities ready for the Atlantic hurricane season by taking a look at the FEMA flood map. The maps are updated every five years, so it’s a good idea to check them frequently and ensure your zone remains the same. Knowing what flood zone your company is located in can save your business time and money in the recovery process. It will also confirm whether or not you need to update certain items, such as your insurance policy or emergency plan.

  1. Insurance coverage: Is flood insurance a part of your policy? Most policies don’t automatically include flood damages so be sure to review your policy to confirm which damages, and how much, will be covered. For those who’ve just recently been updated to a high-risk flood zone, now is a great time to add flood insurance to your policy. Speak to your broker today and be prepared.

  2. Emergency plan: Businesses in flood zones, whether high or moderate risk, need to have a clear plan of how they’ll prevent potential damages leading up to the storm, and how they’ll...


Last month, AccuWeather estimated that the February winter storm left 4.3 million without power and amassed an economic loss that may rise to roughly $130 Billion. With no power to most commercial buildings, many businesses were forced to close for the subsequent days. Below freezing temperatures caused water pipes to freeze over and for some to burst. Roads, highways, and overpasses were covered in ice, which made it nearly impossible for essential deliveries and customers to reach businesses.

While all this was taking place, Cotton Global Disaster Solutions was able to provide businesses with one of our winter disaster response services. Our trained professionals were able to provide emergency backup power for a diverse set of commercial buildings, made roofing repairs to properties that were damaged by the snow, and also began to address...


Cotton CommUNITY offers relief after the historic winter storm.

Following the devastating winter storm that hit Texas in February, the Cotton Teams worked together to provide relief across the state quickly. While Cotton GDS, Cotton Logistics, Cotton Culinary, and Stellar Restoration responded to our clients’ emergencies, Cotton CommUNITY focused its efforts on the residents living in the affected communities.

In just one day, the team secured approximately 4,000 meals to be donated to families in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. We partnered with ten locally-owned restaurants that were eager to give back, and, within 48 hours, each restaurant cooked, packaged, and served hundreds of hot meals...


Texas, you are in our thoughts and prayers. There’s no doubt that this past week was long and arduous for us all. Some of us lost essential resources, and many suffered serious damages to their homes and properties. Even if you didn’t experience any of the above, chances are you still lost some sleep worrying about your loved ones. We understand how tired you are because we lived it too, but we want to remind you that Cotton is always here to help. Our teams have been working day and night to support our local businesses so that our communities can return to normalcy. I can’t stress enough just how grateful we are to our clients, partners, and most importantly, our families for making last week a little easier.

To our clients: You had a lot on your plate, from managing communications with your employees to monitoring your buildings during the storm and then escalating property damages to us. We know it was tough, but we appreciate your kindness as our teams navigated the icy roads and power outages. Most importantly, we’re grateful that you’ve entrusted us with your...


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone is sure to be looking for great gifts for their significant other (hopefully not at the last minute, but we won’t judge). In that same spirit, we wanted to share a special gift that business owners and leaders can get for themselves, or more specifically their business. We’re talking, of course, about a FirstAlert! membership.

Designed by Cotton Global Disaster Solutions as a way to help clients with a Master Service Agreement (MSA) get the most out of our partnership, the FirstAlert! Program is the perfect way for businesses to benefit from Cotton GDS’s personalized services. Members receive year-round support and training that helps teams and facilities be ready in case of a disaster. Here are just some of the perks included in a FirstAlert! membership.

24/7 Site Monitoring

Cotton’s Business Intelligence Center (BIC) uses state-of-the-art technology that allows us to monitor anything that could potentially harm your property, from daily activities, weather, to catastrophic events. If...


During these winter months, you may notice your employees pull out the personal heaters for their workspace. In other cases, you may need to raise the room temperature due to the cold weather. Whichever situation you may fall in, be sure to know space heaters and other heating equipment can cause a fire during the winter.

If you fall into a situation where there’s a fire in your building, you should have your air ducts inspected and cleaned because they could be contaminated with smoke, which can lead to poor air quality and respiratory problems. Clean air ducts and a well-maintained HVAC system are essential for your business’s daily operations. If your property has suffered any fire damage, it’s time to get your HVAC system checked by professionals.

In other cases of a fire disaster, a section of your business may have been seriously damaged, which can halt your business. It’s important to ensure your customers, personal, and tenants are safe and away from the damage. Our experts will assess the damages and offer you temporary solutions to continue your business...


HOUSTON, January 12, 2021 – Cotton Holdings Inc. (“Cotton”), a leading infrastructure support services company in the fast-growing commercial restoration market, today announced the acquisition of Stellar Restoration Services (“Stellar”), a provider of comprehensive roofing restoration services for hail and weather-related damage to commercial properties. Stellar will retain its name and operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cotton under the continued leadership of co-Founders Michael de la Mora and Rick Bailey, who will retain an ownership interest in the business. Financial terms of the private transaction were not disclosed.

The acquisition of Stellar is part of Cotton’s expansion strategy to meet the growing demand for commercial restoration services in North America and globally. Headquartered in Houston with an international logistics center and a number of regional offices, Cotton provides property restoration and recovery, construction, roofing, consulting, temporary workforce housing and culinary services to public and private...


The start of a new fiscal year can inspire business owners to improve their facilities, services, and products. If capital improvements and renovations are a part of your 2021 plan, then Cotton Global Disaster Solutions has the solutions and experience you need to give your facilities a facelift without extended periods of downtime.

Cotton GDS has over 24 years of experience providing top-quality construction services for CapEx projects, which we leverage for our clients in order to enhance and improve the value of a client’s commercial property. Even something as simple as a new coat of paint is improved exponentially when done by an expert hand, although our experience goes far beyond that.

It can be easy to think that these renovation projects are simple jobs that you, as a business owner, can handle yourself, however, Cotton GDS offers key advantages that are critical to our success as a commercial contractor.

For one, our...


Across the country, many are already feeling the chill. Of course, the winter season and its effects mean different things for different people. Many businesses find themselves dealing with specific emergencies when the cold weather starts rolling in. In fact, according to The Hartford, 15% of all small business property and liability claims come from freezing damage and winter-specific water damage alone. The best way to enjoy the season without dealing with winter damage is by keeping the following in mind.

Minimizing Roof Damage Due to Ice or Snow Accumulation

There’s nothing quite like a fresh snowfall to bring out the magic of the season. However, snow, alongside ice, can spell danger for a business. If a snowstorm brings a large amount of snowfall to the area, or if rain accumulates and freezes in large amounts, your business’s roof could be in trouble. The added weight can result in costly and potentially dangerous roof damage. As a...


According to a study done by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2019 there were 120,000 non-residential fires in the United States, causing $4.3 billion in direct property damage. Though the top causes vary by industry, based on NFPA reports, the majority of fires in commercial properties are caused by cooking equipment, electrical distribution/lighting equipment, heating equipment, and arson.

  • Call in The Fire Restoration Experts
  • Educating your staff and tenants on fire prevention is a smart move for any business, but education can’t guarantee that a fire will never occur. Should your commercial property experience a fire, there are two people you should call – your insurance adjuster and a professional restoration company. With over twenty years of experience in commercial...