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Cotton understands that a delay in business and services means lost revenue for our customers, especially in the hospitality industry. When water, fire, mold, or other damages occur to a hotel or resort, the property may ultimately be closed for business until necessary repairs and disaster restorations have been made. Commitments to guests cannot be honored, reservations for future bookings must be canceled until a re-opening date is set, valuable staff may seek employment at other properties, and revenues from rooms, events, and food and beverage services are lost.

Using innovative approaches to complex situations, Cotton has developed practices that can substantially accelerate the recovery process with our disaster restoration services. Hotel chains and resorts, both in the U.S. and internationally, rely on Cotton's expertise and emergency response services to get them back in business in the shortest possible time and with the greatest efficiency. Cotton's experience and track record are models for the industry.

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Our hospitality restoration services

You have a duty to your guests - to provide a clean, safe, and enjoyable place for them to rest and recharge, but when your property has been damaged, offering top-quality service can be a big challenge. Cotton Global Disaster Solutions understands that the sooner you mitigate disaster damages and restore your property, the sooner you can get back to providing amenities that surpass your customers’ expectations. Using innovative approaches to complex situations, Cotton GDS has developed practices that can substantially accelerate the recovery process for hospitality businesses nationwide and abroad.

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  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
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  • Movie Theaters
  • Performing Arts Centers
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Following the unprecedented flooding of a large, national river, a Casino was impacted by over 24 inches of muddy water that inundated the entire first floor. Cotton was able to alert the venue of the impending flood and they were able to move and de-inventory their location prior to the waters rise, preventing further damage and limiting business interruption. Once floodwaters receded, Cotton implemented strategic remediation, necessary equipment, and experienced personnel to get the casino operational in less than 30-days.



+ How is Cotton GDS different from other hospitality restoration companies?

Cotton GDS has decades of experience and track record of operational excellence in the hospitality restoration industry. It takes experienced commercial restoration technicians like Cotton GDS to rebuild hotels, restaurants, training facilities, and more. We acknowledge the importance of getting you back to full operational capacity quickly, while minimizing customer and staff disturbances. Cotton also considers the significance of finishing work on schedule and on budget. Our turnkey capabilities enable us to manage several projects at once, making us the only partner that our clients will ever need.

+ What is our experience working with the hospitality industry in the past?

Keeping your business running while ensuring a positive guest experience is a priority for us. That’s why Cotton GDS builds customized emergency response plans tailored to your facility’s unique needs. During a project, Cotton GDS communicates clearly every step of the way, from outlining budgets and timelines, to providing day-to-day project management reports. Cotton operates with respect to your day-to-day business, so you can continue delivering top-tier guest service.

+ How fast can we respond to an emergency at your hospitality facility?

Cotton GDS is committed to being there for your hospitality business 24/7. Its strategically-placed field offices, pre-loaded fleets, and relationships with first responders around the world allow Cotton GDS to respond to disaster events quickly and efficiently.

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