Cotton's FirstAlert! Program


FirstAlert! Emergency Planning and Priority Response

Cotton Global Disaster Solutions designed the FirstAlert! Program to help clients with a Master Service Agreement (MSA) get the most out of our partnership. As a FirstAlert! member, your business will receive year-round support and training to prepare your teams and facilities for disaster. In addition to pre-loss planning, each commercial property covered in the MSA will benefit from a rapid response, free of time-consuming negotiations and paperwork, during community-wide catastrophes.

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What's Included

  • CAT Fee reduced 50% for FirstAlert! clients

  • Priority response during community-wide disasters

  • Initial response within 15 minutes or less

  • A designated Cotton Representative that can be on-site within hours and will lead the project forward

  • Damage Assessment and Scope of Work completed within 48 - 72 hours

  • National and international response

  • Disaster restoration planning and training

  • 24/7 monitoring of your facilities with Cotton’s Business Intelligence Center*




24/7 Site Monitoring

Using state-of-the-art technology, Cotton’s Business Intelligence Center (BIC) monitors daily activities, weather, and catastrophic events that could harm your property. Your team will receive updates for potential threats so they can swiftly prepare facilities and employees for impact.


Save Time

Since the Terms & Conditions and Time & Material rates have been set, Cotton GDS can get straight to work as soon as you need us to. As a FirstAlert! member, you will also receive priority response over non-members during area-wide catastrophes.


No Cost to Sign Up

As long as your MSA is in effect, there’s no cost to becoming a FirstAlert! member. All we ask is that you allow us to build an ongoing partnership with you through emergency planning, maintenance repairs, or disaster recovery.


Year-Round Support

Even when there’s no fire to put out or water to remove, Cotton provides the support you need to keep your business protected. As a FirstAlert! member, you’ll have access to Cotton’s disaster planning tabletop exercises and services to keep your property and workforce prepared for the unexpected.

FirstAlert! Premiere Training

FirstAlert! members have access to customized training materials designed specifically to enhance your response to a disaster. Topics include hurricane preparedness, what to do if your business experiences water damages, steps to remediating mold, and more. Sign up today to gain access to these unique resources.

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FirstAlert! Brochure

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