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Commercial Restoration Disaster Services - Areas Served

Cotton GDS has grown exponentially in the past twenty years, offering a wide range of solutions across the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. With strategically located response centers and partnerships throughout each region, crews and assets are able to quickly deploy and respond to any situation with local resources. Click below to see how Cotton GDS is helping businesses in your area.


Houston’s proximity to the Gulf Coast and the dense population makes commercial properties in the area highly susceptible to water, fire, and mold damage. The risk of water and mold damages increases during the hurricane season as heavy rains... more


Cotton GDS in Dallas, Texas is ready to help businesses repair and restore their properties following wind storms, hail storms, fires, water damages, and regular wear and tear. With a local team available 24/7 and over twenty years of experience... more


Any amount of downtime that your business experiences can affect production timelines and revenue. That’s why Cotton Global Disaster Solutions is available 24/7 and works around the clock to repair your facilities after they’ve been... more


If your Central Texas business has experienced water, fire, or mold damage, requires construction work or needs emergency assistance, you can count on Cotton Global Disaster Solutions’ rapid response and ability to restore... more


For those who own or manage a commercial property in College Station, a temporary closure due to property damage can cost thousands in revenue. So when water, fire, or mold threatens or weakens a building’s structure, business owners... more


Cotton Global Disaster Solutions understands how severe an impact business interruption can have on your revenue. When your business suffers a destructive event such as a water leak, flood, fire, or mold growth, only a rapid response... more


From the lavish casinos to busy restaurants and local attractions, Lake Charles's businesses offer residents and travelers a wide variety of entertainment. However, the city's proximity to the Gulf Coast puts these same businesses at risk of... more


If you own or manage a commercial facility, hotel, or vacation rental in Panama City Beach, you know how important it is to have a restoration partner you can trust. With two office locations in Florida, Cotton Global Disaster Solutions is always... more


Property owners and managers of restaurants, hotels, universities or commercial properties in Central or South Florida understand that just one day of business interruption could cost them thousands of dollars in lost revenue... more


If you own or manage a commercial facility, hotel, or vacation rental in Fort Myers and surrounding areas, you know how important it is to have a restoration partner you can trust. With three office locations in Florida operating 24/7, Cotton...more


Any amount of business interruption can have a severe impact on your operations and revenue. Cotton Global Disaster Solutions understands that a rapid response is just what your business needs to get back up and running following... more


Businesses that serve the Nashville community need a property restoration partner they can trust. When disaster strikes, whether it be water damage, a fire, or a community-wide catastrophe, property managers need the speed... more


The second-largest city in the Southeast boasts an energetic ambiance and thriving economy that has proven beneficial to many businesses. However, the city is also home to a humid subtropical climate and unpredictable weather...more

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is surrounded by many bayous, rivers, and wetlands that have played a significant role in the city’s history. Since its first inhabitants settled in the region, these waterways have been used for trade and travel along the Mississippi River and...more

Texas Medical Center

From minor projects to emergency services, Cotton Medical has the resources your team needs to carry out a project from the development of a business case to construction implementation. Our experts work alongside your team to...more


Cotton Global Disaster Solutions is based in Katy, Texas, just outside of Houston, the most diverse city in the United States. Step outside our offices, and pieces of the whole world are there, reminding us of our relationships with people... more