Cleanup and Restoration After a Commercial Fire

According to a study done by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2019 there were 120,000 non-residential fires in the United States, causing $4.3 billion in direct property damage. Though the top causes vary by industry, based on NFPA reports, the majority of fires in commercial properties are caused by cooking equipment, electrical distribution/lighting equipment, heating equipment, and arson.

  • Call in The Fire Restoration Experts
  • Educating your staff and tenants on fire prevention is a smart move for any business, but education can’t guarantee that a fire will never occur. Should your commercial property experience a fire, there are two people you should call – your insurance adjuster and a professional restoration company. With over twenty years of experience in commercial restoration, Cotton GDS is equipped to rapidly respond and prevent further property damage following a fire.

After submitting your request for services, Cotton GDS will review your request and assign a project manager to your case. Teams and assets will then be deployed to your location to begin the work, which includes:

If your building also requires selective demolition and rebuilds, Cotton GDS is certified to perform these services and offers a seamless transition from restoration to reconstruction.

For a fire to start and thrive, it needs three ingredients: oxygen, fuel, and a heat source. For your commercial property to be restored to its original state after a fire, there’s only one key ingredient: Cotton Global Disaster Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our turnkey solutions.