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When a hurricane approaches, people often look for last-minute hacks to protect their property, but with anyone able to contribute their advice on the internet, the information you may find isn’t always accurate.

As a leading restoration company, the Cotton GDS team is here to dispel common rumors and help you find the truth to better prepare your business for a storm.

Myth: You Should Tape Your Windows Before a Hurricane.

Many claim that taping a window in an “X” pattern will reduce its risk of shattering during a storm. In reality, taping your windows can lead to larger shards of glass if your windows break, which are often more dangerous than smaller pieces. Instead, move as much of your belongings as you can away from windows and consider partnering with a disaster recovery firm, like Cotton GDS, for emergency board-up services before a hurricane.

Myth: Leaving Your Windows Open a Crack Will Prevent Damage.

In theory, the idea of leaving your windows just slightly open during a hurricane will give strong winds a path of least resistance, which is supposed to keep your windows from shattering. In reality, this does little to protect your windows and almost guarantees water damage within your property. If left untreated, the water exposure can lead to mold and mildew growth and structural damage.

Additionally, allowing the wind to flow through your building can cause pressure to build up underneath your roof, making it more likely to fall apart and blow away during a storm, according to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety.

Myth: Sandbags Are Guaranteed To Prevent Flooding.

A relatively inexpensive solution, sandbags have gained popularity for their ability to reduce flooding in the event of a storm, but they’re not a cure-all. In fact, they won’t do much if you use them incorrectly.

It’s important to note that you can’t build a wall of sandbags on uneven ground. And when placing them, you need to ensure they overlap and have as few gaps as possible. Otherwise, water may be able to pass through. You can also cover them in waterproof sheeting to increase their effectiveness.

If water has entered your property despite your best efforts, contact Cotton GDS for efficient extraction services.

Myth: Once You Have a Complete Emergency Kit, You Don’t Have to Worry About It Until a Storm.

Every few months, regardless of whether it’s storm season or not, take some time to sort through your emergency kit and make sure everything is functioning. Even when left unused, power banks can lose charge over time and medications and non-perishable food can expire.

By ensuring everything is still in working order and safe to consume, you’ll be prepared if a storm does come.

For more of the latest hurricane season updates, check out our Hurricane Resource Hub, and contact a Cotton GDS representative to learn more about steps you can take to prepare your property for emergencies.