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Real Examples of How Commercial Water Damage Can Impact a Business

In its 25+ years of experience, Cotton Global Disaster Solutions has witnessed the tremendous impact commercial water damage has on a business. From misplacing residents and patients to turning away patrons, commercial properties faced with water damage can end up losing much more than just time. Additionally, this type of damage can be caused by a variety of unexpected reasons, including storm floods, ruptured water pipes, roof leaks, plumbing incidents, and fire suppression systems. Meaning that no matter how much you prepare for disaster, commercial water damage can lead to unplanned delays and costly repairs.

However, establishing a relationship with a commercial restoration company ahead of time can help you reduce business interruption following these types of incidents. Read a few of our commercial water damage case studies below to discover the impact it has on different industries and how Cotton GDS has helped others recover.

33 schools damaged by hurricane flood waters

In the wake of the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Ida, a Category 4 hurricane making landfall along the Louisiana coast, a major school district in the region experienced comprehensive storm damage across many of its properties in the affected zone.

  • Navigated COMPLEX INFRASTRUCTURE CHALLENGES with no fuel, food or water as a result of the ongoing hurricane recovery with regular fueling services and dumpster swaps

  • Deployed power generators to all buildings in need in LESS THAN 2 DAYS

  • Completed perishable item disposal urgently for 33 SCHOOL KITCHENS AND CLASSROOMS

  • Employed EMERGENCY ASBESTOS ABATEMENT after discovery of asbestos-containing materials on site

  • Returned all properties to pre-loss condition in UNDER 2 MONTHS to meet school timelines

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30,000 sqft of property damaged due to ruptured fire suppresion line

Following a polar vortex that impacted North Texas, a university’s Nursing and Health Sciences facility suffered extreme water damage when a fire suppression line broke and began leaking. As soon as Cotton was called, restoration experts began walking the impacted areas to assess the damage and developed a scope of work.

  • Classes resumed with NO DELAYS

  • NO INJURIES reported

  • PREVENTED LOSS OF REVENUE for the client


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Millions of dollars of millwork ruined in new music facility

When freezing temperatures ruptured the fire suppression system of a university’s music education center, approximately 700,000 gallons of water destroyed the state-of-the-art facility, which had taken over two years to build. Cotton’s restoration and construction teams worked side by side to expedite the completion of the project.

  • Students were able to return to the computer and piano labs in 14 days

  • New flooring system exceeded the performance of the original

  • Senior Project Manager’s innovative scaffolding system allowed several crews to work simultaneously

  • Zero injuries or accidents occurred during the process

240 vulnerable senior living patients affected during a winter storm

After a major winter storm event along the gulf coast, a senior living facility with three separate properties experienced severe water damage. Given the sensitive nature of the residence, the Cotton GDS management team mobilized crews the moment they received the call and were able to reach the site in less than 24 hours. Immediately we began a full-service water restoration and remediation protocol to get residents back safely in their homes as quickly as possible.

  • Less than 24-HOUR RESPONSE to reduce turnaround time

  • Guaranteed SAFETY for all senior residents and property staff in less than 6 weeks

  • NO OSHA RECORDABLES or delays during restoration

  • Worked closely with BUILDING OWNERSHIP to provide smooth communication and operation

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Production paused after four feet of water flooded manufacturing plant

Historic flooding ravaged a local community, inundating most of the city’s businesses with severe water damage. Following the recision of floodwaters, Cotton’s Emergency Response Team dispatched restoration, logistical, and emergency catering support services within 24 hours.

  • Saved client upwards of SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS in potential lost revenue

  • ZERO accidents or injuries throughout the project

  • The project was completed UNDER BUDGET

  • The job and duties were completed AHEAD OF SCHEDULE

  • Over 200 MEALS were served daily

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Flooded river led to temporary closure of popular casino

Following the unprecedented flooding of a large, national river, a Casino was impacted by over 24 inches of muddy water that inundated the entire first floor. Cotton GDS implemented strategic remediation, necessary equipment, and experienced personnel to get the casino operational in less than 30-days.

  • Saved client $1 MILLION PER MONTH by limiting operational downtime (BI)

  • Provided PRE-DEPLOYMENT WEATHER UPDATES to minimize client damages

  • WORKED WITH GAMING AUTHORITY to do a partial reopening

  • Augmented corporate BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN (BCP)

  • Team meetings daily with CASINO RISK MANAGEMENT

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For a full list of case studies, visit https://cottongds.com/case-studies and connect with our experts.