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Is Your Commercial Roof Ready for Spring Storms?

In general, storms and inclement weather tend to stick to specific schedules throughout the year. While there’s always the potential for outlying storms, people in the Southeast United States can often expect hurricanes in the summer and fall, freezes during the winter and severe thunderstorms in the spring.

The good news about these weather patterns is that you can prepare your commercial property to withstand the unique dangers of each type of storm before they happen. And as we enter spring, it’s essential for you to take steps to protect your roof from hail, rain and high winds.

What Are the Most Common Spring Storms?

In general, spring is known for its severe thunderstorms, which can produce hail, lightning and high winds and lead to flooding, fires and even tornadoes.

If your business is in an area that experiences many severe thunderstorms, it can be beneficial to talk to a roofing expert who can help you identify the best type of roof to protect your building from impacts from hail, strong wind gusts and more.

How Can Spring Storms Damage My Business’ Roof?

Depending on the type of weather, there are multiple ways in which a severe storm can affect your roof, including:

  • Heavy rain - If rain falls hard enough on your roof, it can erode and weaken shingles. If it’s strong enough to tear some shingles off, moisture can seep into the exposed areas and cause water and structural damage.

  • Hail - Large pieces of hail can crack shingles, dent roofs and even cause holes to develop in your roof.

  • Lightning - A lightning strike can cause certain roofing materials to catch fire if there isn’t a protection system installed on the building.

  • High-speed winds and tornadoes - Strong winds can tear shingles off a roof and even send large debris into your building, which can crack or dent your roofing system.

How Can Roofing Maintenance Protect My Business From Spring Storms?

While it may seem counterintuitive to repair your roof before a major hail storm, enduring severe weather with existing holes or cracks in a roof can lead to water leaks, mold, structural damage and even harm to your furniture, electronics and files. Repairing all of these items will not only come with a higher price tag than preventive roof maintenance, but you may not be able to operate as usual while this work is underway, leading to business interruptions on top of everything else.

Before a severe spring storm comes your way, schedule a no-obligation roof inspection. Our team of experts can examine your building for damage, recommend solutions tailored to your needs and make any necessary repairs.

Will My Business Benefit From a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan?

No matter the size of your business or the industry you operate in, your property can benefit from a commercial roof maintenance plan. Cotton Roofing has you covered, and you can expect routine annual inspections that can identify damage before you even notice signs that something may be wrong.

Will Property Insurance Cover Roof Repairs After Storm Damage?

While the extent of your insurance coverage will ultimately determine what types of repairs it will fund, Cotton Roofing can help you navigate conversations with your provider. Our team has extensive experience working with insurance adjusters to provide optimal results for our clients.

What Should I Do if I Think My Commercial Roof Has Storm Damage?

If you think your roof may have experienced damage from a storm, contact the experts at Cotton Roofing. We can inspect your roof, work with you to develop a custom solution based on your budget and needs, place an emergency tarp over your roof while work is underway to prevent further damage and even complete all the necessary repairs.

With 24/7 response times and a friendly team, Cotton has you covered when it comes to roof maintenance.