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How to Recover Your Business After the Storm

During a hurricane or tropical storm, high winds and excessive rainfall can destroy commercial properties and the important assets within them. Knowing what to do once the storm has passed will help businesses recover faster so they can get back to serving their community.

If your property has just gone through a hurricane, tropical storm, or another catastrophic event, follow the guide below to start the recovery process.

1. Hire a Disaster Recovery Company

The first thing your business should do following a severe storm is to engage a full-service disaster recovery firm to assess the damage, develop a scope of work, liaise with insurers, and carry out necessary services.

Professional disaster recovery firms have the experience and technology needed to properly perform water restoration services, such as water extraction, dehumidification, and document restoration. They can also board-up your building, recover valuable equipment, and provide documentation for your insurance claim.

2. Contact All Necessary Parties

Once the disaster recovery company assesses the damages and provides you with a scope of work, you’ll want to notify your insurance company and begin the claims process. Proper documentation of the loss will be required, which can be facilitated by your disaster recovery firm of choice.

You should also notify your vendors or other partners whose businesses are affected by your downtime. Be ready to provide them with an ETA on when your organization will be reopening and how you can help in the meantime.

If necessary, you must also report all contamination and hazardous spills to the appropriate authorities.

3. Recover Your Assets, Clean, and Reopen

Before allowing your employees to return to work and resume operations, ensure your facility is in the best shape possible. Have your restoration company clear your property of debris and sanitize your equipment, furniture, and even your HVAC system. You’ll also need to test your electronics and equipment so they’re functioning properly by the time you reopen.

Need immediate assistance in restoring your business back to its pre-event state? Contact a Cotton disaster recovery expert at 877-511-2962 or click here to learn about our 5-step disaster recovery process.