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2023 Hurricane Predictions & How to Prepare for the Season

The researchers at NOAA and the Climate Prediction Center recently shared their estimates for the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season to be near-normal in activity, and here’s what they’re saying we should expect:

  • 12-17 named storms
  • 5-9 hurricanes

  • 1-4 major hurricanes

These predictions are similar to the number of tropical storms and hurricanes that occurred in 2022, and they match up with the 30-year average pretty well. With all this in mind, it’s time to start preparing for the season, which begins June 1 and ends November 30.

Prepping for the 2023 Hurricane Season

Whether you’re preparing your home and family or your business for the upcoming season, it’s essential to make sure everything is ready to go long before a hurricane approaches your community.

First, start stocking up on necessary supplies, and pack go-bags with everything you might need. Check out our emergency supply kit checklist to ensure you’re not missing anything. If you operate an essential business, make sure each facility has its own kit.

Then, perform some preventive maintenance. Again, the same general tasks apply to both residential and commercial properties. Trim any loose branches off of trees, secure any outdoor furniture or bring it in and clean your gutters. Schedule a roof inspection to make sure there are no pre-existing issues that could exacerbate during a storm.

You’ll also want to ensure your insurance is up-to-date and covers hurricane damage.

Extra Precautions for Essential Businesses This Hurricane Season

If you operate a business that needs to keep running through a storm, like a hospital or government agency, you should be sure that you have the tools to mitigate any troubles a hurricane can bring. For example, get a backup generator to ensure you always have power.

And now for the most essential step: Find a logistics partner that can help with any needs that arise. Cotton Global Disaster Solutions teams up with several companies under the Cotton umbrella to provide turnkey services for any disaster.

That means whether you need emergency board-up services for broken windows, potable water to deal with an outage, waste removal to clear storm debris from your facilities or emergency catering to feed your community, Cotton has you covered.

Ready to take a deep dive into storm planning? Check out our Hurricane Resource Hub for the latest information, download our free Hurricane Preparedness Checklist and talk with a Cotton GDS rep to discuss your company’s hurricane procedure today.