Winter Safety Hazards for Businesses

Across the country, many are already feeling the chill. Of course, the winter season and its effects mean different things for different people. Many businesses find themselves dealing with specific emergencies when the cold weather starts rolling in. In fact, according to The Hartford, 15% of all small business property and liability claims come from freezing damage and winter-specific water damage alone. The best way to enjoy the season without dealing with winter damage is by keeping the following in mind.

Minimizing Roof Damage Due to Ice or Snow Accumulation

There’s nothing quite like a fresh snowfall to bring out the magic of the season. However, snow, alongside ice, can spell danger for a business. If a snowstorm brings a large amount of snowfall to the area, or if rain accumulates and freezes in large amounts, your business’s roof could be in trouble. The added weight can result in costly and potentially dangerous roof damage. As a recipient of the Carlisle ESP Award, Cotton Global Disaster Solutions understands how vital it is to repair roof damage immediately and is equipped to handle every issue efficiently and quickly.

Common Winter HVAC Issues

When the temperatures go down, the thermostat goes up. Turning up the heat, however, can have some adverse effects on your commercial property’s HVAC system. The aforementioned water damage during winter can cause a chain reaction that leads to damages to your HVAC system. Of course, that’s not the only potential issue. Overuse of heaters can cause filters to get clogged, reducing airflow and subsequently reducing warmth. More dangerously, overuse or winter damage could lead to a cracked heat exchanger, allowing for carbon monoxide leaks.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Cotton GDS is available 24/7 to effectively inspect and clean your HVAC system for any winter damage. Using special cameras and equipment, we can pinpoint the exact nature of your HVAC issue and act accordingly.

Winter Water Damage Due to Frozen Pipes

Picture this: You and your employees are taking a well-deserved holiday break. It might not be for very long, but you leave your commercial property alone for some days. When you get back, you find that the pipes in your commercial property burst. This kind of everyday situation can cause hundreds if not thousands in damages to your property’s structural elements, equipment, furniture, and more.

Preventative measures such as fortifying your workplace to seal up cracks or holes, keeping your property’s temperature consistent, and installing a generator in case of an outage, can help mitigate the risk of pipes freezing and causing water damage.

But what do you do if you’ve already suffered winter water damage? Call Cotton Global Disaster Solutions. Our experts are available year-round and can get your business running as soon as possible with services such as water damage mitigation and restoration, drying and dehumidification, and removal and disposal of wet materials.

Planning according to these and other dangers is key to preventing damage to your businesses, but on the off chance of an emergency happening, there’s one name you can always count on: Cotton Global Disaster Solutions. Contact us today to learn more.