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Soon after St. Patrick’s Day, some of our service areas were impacted by the spring’s unpredictable weather changes. Some businesses saw several inches of rain, others experienced severe tornado damage that halted operations, and others are still being impacted by snow. No matter the damage, it’s not because of luck that many of our FirstAlert! members are already on the road to total recovery - it’s because of our 24-hour site monitoring and priority response.

The benefit of 24-hour site monitoring

Regardless of where your commercial properties are located, chances are they’re exposed to natural threats that could delay production or keep your business from meeting demand. In that case, it helps to have a restoration partner that is always ahead of the storm. Members of Cotton’s FirstAlert! Program benefit from our Business Intelligence Center monitoring their facilities and weather events 24/7. This means that we can help them prepare for potential damages before the storm arrives and can provide solutions quickly following the impact.

Cotton’s priority response

In addition to 24-hour site monitoring, our program facilitates a faster recovery by proactively setting the Terms and Conditions during the sign-up process. By not having to worry about paperwork during a moment of chaos and stress, we’re able to jump into action as soon as our clients give us the green light.

Is Cotton’s FirstAlert! program for you?

If you’re wondering whether or not the FirstAlert! program is for you, rest assured knowing that we’ve designed this program to work for any industry and facility. We invite you to visit our FirstAlert! page to learn about the program’s many benefits and how to sign up: CottonGDS.com/FirstAlert