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Expecting the Unexpected with Mother Nature

Last month, AccuWeather estimated that the February winter storm left 4.3 million without power and amassed an economic loss that may rise to roughly $130 Billion. With no power to most commercial buildings, many businesses were forced to close for the subsequent days. Below freezing temperatures caused water pipes to freeze over and for some to burst. Roads, highways, and overpasses were covered in ice, which made it nearly impossible for essential deliveries and customers to reach businesses.

While all this was taking place, Cotton Global Disaster Solutions was able to provide businesses with one of our winter disaster response services. Our trained professionals were able to provide emergency backup power for a diverse set of commercial buildings, made roofing repairs to properties that were damaged by the snow, and also began to address water damages in properties where freezing temperatures led to bursting pipes.

As many of us do our best to be prepared for any natural disaster that may come our way; it is important to remember that Mother Nature is unpredictable and can surprise us with just about anything. Looking past winter and preparing for the spring and hurricane seasons that are ahead, some things we can always have on hand are the essentials: nonperishables, bottled water, candles, generators, flashlights, and batteries. However, when the unexpected may bring power outages for days on end, flash floods that can sweep through your property, or strong winds that can damage the integrity of your roofing; it is important to keep Cotton GDS in mind to provide one of our natural disaster restoration services.

Visit our disaster response page to see a full list of the services we offer during severe winter weather, tropical storms/hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters. You can also contact us at (877) 407-8744 to speak to someone today.