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Escalating Your Response to COVID-19

By now, many businesses have reopened and are navigating the unknown with caution. New safety protocols have been put in place and day-to-day operations have shifted to meet the needs of the business, as well as those of the consumers.

We understand that your primary goals are maintaining a safe space and avoiding further business interruption, which is why Cotton Global Disaster Solutions remains at your side. Our team is ready to help you with cautionary measures and required disinfection as needed.

To better understand the different procedures - cautionary and required - and what to expect, download our whitepaper below and share it with your team.

COVID-19 Response: Cautionary Action

No confirmed cases or exposure is suspected.

Whether you’re designated essential service or the work simply cannot stop, you’re actively taking the steps needed to protect your building - and the people who occupy it at any given moment - with procedures that provide peace of mind.

COVID-19 Response: Required Action

Confirmed COVID-19 cases and contamination.

Regular operations are disrupted. Your people and your facilities are at risk. It’s more important than ever to maintain confidence, keep operations upright, and get back to business as usual.


  • Returning to the office after cautionary and responsive action.
  • Before setting a return date, assign a cross-functional team to develop a re-entry plan that keeps your employees and building safe. This team should consist of HR, legal, risk management, operations, and safety personnel.

Getting back to business before, during, or after a viral pandemic is a serious undertaking. Doing so quickly and safely takes a comprehensive partner who has been there many times before. Whether you are taking the first steps or navigating a coronavirus outbreak right now, Cotton GDS can activate at a moment’s notice.

Cotton's Escalation Plan White Paper

Cotton's COVID-19 Escalation plan White Paper