Your Roof Will Thank You

As winter approaches, it's time to prepare your business for cold weather and storms. In addition to checking windows for leaks and ensuring your heating system is functioning properly, you should give some thought to your roof.

Roofing professionals advise businesses to get their roofs inspected not just once, but twice per year - ideally in the spring and fall. By doing so, you protect your company’s assets, ensure the comfort of your workers, and prolong the life of your roof.

Here are few other measures you can take as a business owner or facility manager to prepare your roof for winter and ensure year-round protection:

  • Gather all of your roofing documents into a file to easily access to all of your roof’s information. This will help you keep up with routine maintenance, repair history, warranty information and all of the details of your roof. Don’t let your roof’s information retire along with your facility manager!

  • In addition to regular inspections, it’s a good idea to have one performed after severe weather events just to be sure there was no damage.

  • Clear your roof regularly of debris. Leaves, branches and trash particles can accumulate and create places for water to pond, adding weight and stress to the roof.

  • Maintain rooftop HVAC equipment, which can damage the roof with leaks or punctures if not treated properly. Make sure that anyone doing maintenance work on equipment does not do anything to damage the roof.

  • Only manufacturer-certified roofing contractors should be allowed to service your roof. Cotton can help! Cotton Roofing is an approved installer and service provider for all major roofing systems.

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