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The Cotton Way

Precision and preparation are what set Cotton apart in emergency management

Getting a business or organization back online after a hurricane or other high-impact catastrophic event can be challenging, stressful, and costly. Consequently, after a disaster strikes, our clients receive expert attention to protect assets and determine a critical path of disaster recovery that will minimize their interruption to daily operations and their associated revenue loss.

Cotton Global Disaster Solutions is actively responding to the destruction from Hurricanes Harvey, Lidia, Irma, Nate, and Maria in areas across the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. At the peak of operations, we were managing a workforce of nearly 3,000 people, all committed to providing our clients with comprehensive and speedy services to get them back to business.

Whether we are restoring a small storefront, a functioning hospital, or a multi-level commercial office tower, our clients will see Cotton GDS’s commitment through our

  • 24/7 preparedness to respond to disasters and begin implementation of recovery measures in a strategically effective way;
  • continued professional development and skills of the company's highly trained and certified staff;
  • ability to maintain jobsite safety through hazard assessments, planning, training and strict oversight of process implementation on every project;
  • compliance with all federal, state and local regulations; and
  • achievement of surpassing client expectations on every project through communication and quality.

We know that the recent months have been a tremendous test for our clients in the affected areas, and we want to thank you for choosing Cotton. We are committed, we are relentless, and we strive to continue to be of value to you as much as we can, wherever we can.

If you or anyone you know is still in need of commercial property restoration services, call us at (800) 208-4182 or visit cottongds.com.