Cotton GDS: Prepare for Winter Storms

Prepare for the Winter Storms

We’re shifting gears from tropical storms to winter hazards and we’d like to help you prepare. Extreme winter weather can have a negative impact on utilities and other services, sometimes leaving communities without power for hours. Should this happen in your area, will you be ready?

The Department of Homeland Security breaks winter preparation into three categories: Prepare Now, Survive During, and Recognize and Respond.

Preparing now means checking on colleagues, family and neighbors to make sure they have everything they need, such as medications, generators, and food to last them a few days. It also means checking carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms to ensure they’re working properly and leaving the faucets on to avoid frozen pipes. Encourage employees to create an emergency kit to keep in their cars since storms can happen quickly and unexpectedly.

If a winter storm comes through your community, remain vigilant and safe. Listen to local weather advisories, avoid being outdoors and keep employees off the road, if possible. Practice caution when using generators and never place them indoors.

Lastly, train colleagues on the signs of frostbite and hypothermia and how to respond to each.

It’s important to review these safety measures with family, friends, and employees to help them prepare for the unexpected.

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