Michael Strong

October 22, 2018

The Cotton Team cannot express enough how deeply sorry we are for any losses and we recognize how hard the struggle will be to rebuild from Hurricane Michael. Many have lost their loved ones, homes, belongings, schools, businesses and their livelihood. After seeing the storm’s devastation first-hand, we know how hard the struggle will be to rebuild, but we want to extend a heartfelt message of hope.

Cotton is in the region and has mobilized a Command Center in Panama City Beach. We have supplied public and private sectors with temporary facilities, backup power generation, catering, and emergency food services, as well as other logistical support. Furthermore, we are providing the necessary support to our clients in the region by restoring, remediating and reconstructing roofs and structures quickly.

I speak for the entire Cotton Team when I say that we deeply care about the people and communities we serve, and we pride ourselves in these moments to help them piece back their lives. You have lost more than we can imagine, and we want you to know we are here for you. The recovery will be slow and arduous, but we will help our clients recover and become even more resilient in the aftermath of this considerable disaster.

With our global presence we are always close by, and invite you to learn more about what we offer to help you respond to this disaster. Visit or follow us on Facebook to stay updated on our restoration work.


Pete Bell

Founder & CEO, Cotton Holdings