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Texas, you are in our thoughts and prayers. There’s no doubt that this past week was long and arduous for us all. Some of us lost essential resources, and many suffered serious damages to their homes and properties. Even if you didn’t experience any of the above, chances are you still lost some sleep worrying about your loved ones. We understand how tired you are because we lived it too, but we want to remind you that Cotton is always here to help. Our teams have been working day and night to support our local businesses so that our communities can return to normalcy. I can’t stress enough just how grateful we are to our clients, partners, and most importantly, our families for making last week a little easier.

To our clients: You had a lot on your plate, from managing communications with your employees to monitoring your buildings during the storm and then escalating property damages to us. We know it was tough, but we appreciate your kindness as our teams navigated the icy roads and power outages. Most importantly, we’re grateful that you’ve entrusted us with your business, and we are committed to getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.

To our Cotton partners: There are no words to describe just how thankful we are to be in business with you. Your flexibility and readiness helped us keep up with the demand for equipment and labor. Thanks to you, Cotton hasn’t missed a beat.

To our families: We could not have survived the week without you. As always, thank you for holding down the fort and checking in on us throughout the day. Because of you, we can quickly restore the businesses that support our communities and drive them forward. We love you!

I’d also like to thank each team member for serving the community in more ways than one. While Cotton GDS, Cotton Logistics, Cotton Culinary, and Stellar Restoration provided services to damaged businesses, Cotton Foundation and Cotton CommUNITY offered free meals and resources to families in need. Follow @Cotton_GDS on Instagram or Facebook to learn about our Warming Up Texas initiative.

Lastly, I want to remind you that no matter what, we’re #TexasStrong and we will get through this together.


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