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Essential Safety Tips for Spring Construction Projects

For many, the coming of spring signifies the beginning of most major construction projects for the year. As temperatures warm and new year plans are finalized, many use the new season as an opportunity to kick off their construction plans. While the advantages of spring commercial construction services are numerous, it's important to remember the new safety risks that come with the changing seasons.

With rising spring temperatures also comes unpredictable weather and potentially unsafe working conditions. From snow melt after the winter to frequent spring rains and other seasonal hazards, it's essential to be mindful of the best practices to keep your crews safe on the job. Consider the following essential safety tips for spring construction projects developed by Cotton Construction to help keep your job sites safe this season.

Monitor the weather forecast

As much as we may like to plan ahead, spring storms can often pop up unexpectedly or suddenly increase in intensity more than anticipated. Make sure you’re checking the forecast as frequently as you are able to both before the day begins and throughout the project. It’s also imperative to establish clear protocols for responding to lightning or other threats from severe weather.

Watch out for slips, falls and drops

Slippery surfaces are one of the most dangerous hazards during spring commercial construction services. Not only does the ground become slick, but also the surfaces of our tools, machines and other items. Be mindful of this throughout the day by selecting footwear that is slip-resistant, choosing gloves that have a good grip and maintaining the cleanliness of gear as much as possible.

Protect from the sun

During the warmer months, the damage caused by the sun begins to increase. Even if it’s not quite the summer heat, it’s still imperative to protect the skin and health from the damaging rays of the sun. Remember to apply sunscreen, reapply throughout the day and drink ample water to ensure proper hydration.

Check ground stability

When placing ladders or other equipment, it is necessary to inspect the area you will be working in to make sure the ground is stable enough for the job at hand. With thawing snow and heavy rains, the ground can easily become muddy and unstable. Always check first before using equipment like ladders or earth movers, particularly on sloped areas, and be sure to move cautiously when working.

See and be seen

Always maintain clear protective eyewear when working on the job. This becomes particularly important during the spring as we see the return of heavy fog and mist that can obstruct your view through goggles. It’s also just as important to wear high-visibility, reflective outerwear so that others can see you just as easily.

Secure your site and materials

Spring also brings higher winds which can be a major nuisance on many projects. Along with protection from rain and heat, be sure to secure your materials onsite so that they don’t become an airborne hazard or get ruined or lost.

At Cotton GDS, we understand the hazards affecting spring construction projects and the unique requirements of every project which is why we design a custom plan that's suited to your needs. If you are planning an upcoming construction project for your commercial property, contact Cotton today to learn why we’re your trusted partner for turnkey commercial construction services.