Disasters Don't Take Days Off. Neither Does Cotton GDS.

Before our Cotton Global Disaster Solutions teams initiate the response and recovery phases following a disaster, much activity happens behind the scenes in Cotton’s 24/7 Watch Department. Information and speed are key to efficiency in our line of work, and the Cotton Watch team is dedicated to being at the forefront when a disaster strikes. This department is a critical component of our overall disaster mitigation and recovery process and the attention to detail taken in their preparedness efforts are paramount to completing successful projects for our clients.

In disaster scenarios, the environment and conditions can change instantly. Because of this, up-to-the minute information is extremely valuable in planning and preparing your business and employees for disaster. Cotton Watch analyzes risk factors and criteria that have the potential to affect your facilities all around the globe. Through severe weather tracking, social media monitoring, geo plotting our clients’ complete property portfolio and utilizing proprietary techniques, Cotton makes it their mission to be ahead of potential danger.

Cotton Watch utilizes state-of-the-art facilities and technology paired with experienced and Cotton-trained personnel to deliver critical information to the Cotton Team and to our clients. In countless situations, Cotton Watch has disseminated their findings about a storm or disaster that have proven to be instrumental in the remediation and rebuilding process.

We want our clients to have the peace of mind that even when they are away from business, or resting their heads at night, Cotton Watch is on the wall for them and always vigilant. Our turnkey solutions start with Cotton Watch, and their value cannot be understated in regards to our projects’ success, or to the continuity of your business. If you want to learn more about the proactive capabilities and benefits available through a partnership with Cotton, call us at (877) 511-2962.