Cotton’s FirstAlert! Program: The Gift of Protection

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone is sure to be looking for great gifts for their significant other (hopefully not at the last minute, but we won’t judge). In that same spirit, we wanted to share a special gift that business owners and leaders can get for themselves, or more specifically their business. We’re talking, of course, about a FirstAlert! membership.

Designed by Cotton Global Disaster Solutions as a way to help clients with a Master Service Agreement (MSA) get the most out of our partnership, the FirstAlert! Program is the perfect way for businesses to benefit from Cotton GDS’s personalized services. Members receive year-round support and training that helps teams and facilities be ready in case of a disaster. Here are just some of the perks included in a FirstAlert! membership.

24/7 Site Monitoring

Cotton’s Business Intelligence Center (BIC) uses state-of-the-art technology that allows us to monitor anything that could potentially harm your property, from daily activities, weather, to catastrophic events. If potential threats are found, your team is updated so facilities and employees can prepare swiftly.

Save Time

As a client with an MSA, your Terms & Conditions and Time & Materials are pre-set, meaning the Cotton GDS team can go into work mode as soon as you need them. FirstAlert! members get an additional perk: Priority response over non-members during area-wide catastrophes.

No Cost To Sign Up

Is your MSA in effect? Then there is no cost to becoming a FirstAlert! member. All you’ll need to look forward to is an ongoing partnership. If you’re not currently an MSA client, this is one of many great reasons to become one. Just talk to a Cotton representative today to get the process started.

Year-Round Support

No natural or man-made disaster? Good, but Cotton will continue to be available to support your business and keep it protected. FirstAlert! members have access to disaster planning exercises and services that keep your property and workforce prepared.

These are just a few of the perks a membership provides. If you’re a business owner or leader, why not become a member and treat your property to the quality care and attention it deserves?

You can sign up for the program by following this link.