Cotton Responds to Hurricane Dorian and Tropical Depression Imelda

As families and businesses begin to recover from the destruction of Hurricane Dorian and Tropical Depression Imelda, please know that Cotton Global Disaster solutions have all who were in the path of the storms in our thoughts and prayers. Cotton Global Disaster Solutions is on the ground in the Bahamas and Southeast Texas providing critical services to help restore communities, reduce business interruption and assist those helping with relief efforts. After seeing the storm’s devastation first-hand, we know how hard the struggle will be to rebuild, but we want to extend a message of hope and assurances that you are not alone.

Cotton’s 24/7 Emergency Watch Center closely monitored the two storms and tracked their development in real-time. Our priority was to keep clients alert of their safety and begin the implementation of their business continuity plans. Prior to landfall, Cotton deployed its disaster response, logistical support, emergency food services, and management teams to the regions.

With hurricane season still in full swing, we encourage you to commit the time and effort to ensure that your family and community are prepared for the most unpredictable situations. As recovery is underway, Cotton stands prepared to help restore critical life infrastructure and bring normalcy back to these devastated, yet resilient communities.

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