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Cotton International Responds To The Caribbean

Despite facing major obstacles while being in a remote location, Cotton responds to the island of St. John.

While Cotton was responding to the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in our hometown of Houston, and other areas of Texas, two category 5 hurricanes hit the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John, in the Caribbean. Cotton quickly mobilized assets and personnel to respond to our clients in the affected area. Cotton is very proud to be involved in this project, and other ongoing efforts in Puerto Rico. The scale of the project combined with its geographic location has presented logistical challenges; however, Cotton has not compromised on our quality of work, and has learned considerably from this project.


Our client in the hospitality industry, tasked us to mitigate damage and restore 28 buildings, 33 pools, and the grounds of the 47 acre property and beachfront, while salvaging as much landscaping as possible. This job required the man power of over 500 personnel, to have enough coverage of the hotel's 100,000 square feet footprint. Because resources were hindered, a team from Cotton Culinary also mobilized onsite to provide food service to the workforce, aiding in the accelerated recovery.


Some of the major obstacles that the Cotton Team encountered during this project involved the logistics due to it being on a remote island. However, one particularly difficult hurdle proved to be communication, as there was no phone or internet connection for the first several weeks. The Cotton Team rose above this challenge, and exercised patience and understanding to help each other while away from home for over 60 days of continuous work.


With the job over 60% finished and looking to finish ahead of schedule while accomplishing all of the goals set out by the client, we are very proud of the work our team has done. Cotton loves to take on challenges of all sizes in many diverse locations. It allows us to provide our quality service to a larger client base, be innovative in our approach, and most of all, help those in their time of need.