Better Safe Than Cindy!

On Thursday June 22nd, Tropical Storm Cindy made landfall in the Northern Gulf Coast between Cameron, Louisiana and Port Arthur, Texas. According to the National Hurricane Center, Cindy had a real chance of doing serious damage to the Gulf Region. Thankfully however, these predictions didn’t come to fruition, and the storm resulted in only heavy rain and winds. Though Cindy didn’t cause major devastation, Cotton used the potential threat as a response training opportunity. Prior to Cindy’s landfall, Cotton exercised it's CAT deployment procedures by standing up an internal command, notifying on call staff and vendors, staging equipment, mobilizing first response staff, and staying in constant contact with clients who had exposure along the coast. “In these situations, we have many clients counting on us and it is our duty to be ready to respond and service their needs when the call comes in,” said James Scaife, President.

Cotton achieves success through strategic planning and execution on every project and event. While every successful job can be treated as practice while working, this unique situation allowed Cotton to fine tune its craft without having to deal with a disaster. Mixing the pursuit of perfection with a disaster may seem impossible, but Cotton strives everyday to turn challenging tasks into successful results.