+ What are the advantages of hiring Cotton GDS as a commercial construction contractor?

For clients, there are clear advantages in using Cotton GDS’s comprehensive turnkey services, including:

Reduced Stress: One of the biggest advantages for you is that Cotton GDS offers a variety of services for your business, allowing you to narrow down the number of vendors you need to work with during difficult situations. Being able to communicate all your needs to just one vendor helps alleviate stress and anxiety.

Head Start: Cotton GDS’s involvement in the clean-up phase of a project means our construction specialists are aware of the likely reconstruction and build-out requirements, allowing the project to move forward without delay.

Innovation: Familiarity with the project from the get-go allows Cotton GDS’s specialists to identify innovative solutions that make the construction phase more efficient and cost-effective.

Turnkey Solutions: After a disaster, natural or man-made, Cotton GDS can handle mitigation and restoration to prevent further damage to the property. Once cleared, Cotton GDS can immediately begin the rebuild to return your property to its pre-event state.