+ Can I re-roof or do I have to replace my existing commercial roof?

The option of re-roofing your commercial property will depend on how damaged your system is. While re-roofing is less costly than a total roof replacement, it is mostly done for aesthetic purposes and will not repair major damages that lie beneath the existing shingles. It is also not recommended to re-roof if you have a metal roofing system.

The following are two scenarios where a complete roof replacement is required:

  1. You’ve done re-roofing in the past: Due to legal regulations, commercial buildings cannot have more than two layers of shingles or roofing material. This law exists to prevent excess weight that could end up in a collapsed roof or building structure.
  2. Your current roofing system is a hazard: If your existing roof is severely damaged, saturated, or unstable, it threatens the safety of your workforce and guests. Therefore, you will need to have your professional contractor install a new roof.