Natural disasters pose a threat to the survival and success of your business. The key to a quick recovery requires thorough preparations. Consult with a disaster recovery company, such as Cotton Global Disaster Solutions, as you build your business continuity plan.

Protect Your Business

  • 🔲 Identify how long your business can survive an operational interruption.
  • 🔲 Protect your company by developing an emergency plan that ensures the safety of your employees and business.
  • 🔲 Devise an alternate plan to continue operations when your primary workplace is inaccessible.
  • 🔲 Determine a contingency strategy if access to your company’s bank account is lost.
  • 🔲 Consult with professional engineers to reinforce fencing, signage and other structures against wind damage.
  • 🔲 Remove or secure outdoor flying debris hazards.
  • 🔲 Consult with a professional engineer on the elevation and flood proofing of structures.
  • 🔲 Contain hazardous chemicals to comply with Health, Safety and Environment standards.
  • 🔲 Review your utility systems with licensed professionals to ensure their connections will resist stress from natural disasters.
  • 🔲 Build a safe room or shelter that meets the FEMA guidelines or ICC/NSSA 500 Standards.
  • 🔲 Store an off-site list of your key vendors, employees and clients with contact information.
  • 🔲 Review your insurance policies with a risk manager.
  • 🔲 Engage and pre-commit with a disaster restoration company such as Cotton Global Disaster Solutions.

Partner with Cotton Global Disaster Solutions

Cotton GDS offers business leaders security with fast recovery and minimal downtime. We provide state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained professionals to identify disaster risks and the potential impact on your business. With over 20 years in the industry, Cotton GDS has earned the reputation of providing safe, efficient and customized disaster recovery solutions for all types of disasters.

Business Continuity Planning with Cotton GDS

When developing your Business Continuity Plan, Cotton conducts facility assessments and pre-loss meetings with key personnel to discuss critical needs and other issues concerning your properties. The goal is to maximize your business’s protection and minimize its risk. Critical information is gathered and stored, providing you better insight into your properties, resources and operations.

Prevention with Cotton GDS

Paperwork is minimized with a Master Service Agreement (MSA). It ensures our personnel and resources are ready for immediate deployment following a disaster. Cotton’s strategic team facilitates client-developed disaster scenarios and table-top exercises preparing key personnel with the knowledge required for a quick response. During a natural disaster, Cotton professionals keep safety and insurance requirements at the forefront of our operations. Our leadership and recovery specialists establish a primary workspace, the Cotton Command Center, providing a centralized command to get your critical infrastructure back online.

Recovery with Cotton GDS

As an awarded contract holder with The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN), we offer procurement solutions through the use of federal supply schedules with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Our dedicated LEED-certified staff ensures recovery plans incorporate actions minimizing any negative environmental impact. Through our strategically-placed offices and national vendor contracts, Cotton ensures availability of resources and a quick response within the client’s specified time frame.

Cotton GDS is committed to being there before, during and after an event. Disasters don’t take days off. Neither does Cotton.

Business Continuity Planning and Recovery Guide