Logistical Support

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When local or global disasters occur, the emergency management and other core services provided by Cotton’s disaster restoration, construction, roofing and even culinary divisions have a crucial role to play. Often, however, the scale of these catastrophes necessitates additional, case-specific measures. To satisfy the demand for comprehensive solutions to deal with complex crises, Cotton Logistics designs and provides integrated service packages that include services such as

Humanitarian and Logistical Support Services – including the installation of base camp and temporary facilities for lodging, dining, medical and sanitation; potable water supply; waste storage and disposal; temporary power generation; satellite communication; site security and site safety plans; fuel supply management; catering and meals-ready-to-eat.

Cotton Logistics Provides Support To:

  • U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) subscribers
  • Federal, State and municipal agencies
  • Master Service Agreement contractors
  • Defense contractors
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Environmental response contractors
  • Debris management contractors

Environmental Measures – oil spill response and support; water-barrier inflated property protectors; and site dewatering.

Debris Removal Services - including emergency road clearance; land clearance; hauling and demolition; and site clean-up.

Marine Services - including marine debris removal; dredging services; sonar mapping, barge transportation; and industrial diving.

Non-traditional services for complex problem sets